At International Avaition College, Ilorin,
we are very fortunate to count among us many of the best and brightest talents in the ab initio training industry. It is our people who drive our growth and train our students to the highest standards.

Career Oppourtunities

There are a wide range of career opportunities in our business, whether you are an aviation engineer, pilot, training instructor; or, have one of the many competencies and skills we need to support our business growth. We will be pleased to receive details of your career to date, competencies and your career aspirations. If they do not match with any current vacancy we will hold your details on file in case a suitable vacancy should arise.

Flight Instructor Opportunities

Are you a Certified Flight Instructor looking to elevate your career? We are seeking indiviuals who are passionate about teaching and excel in communicating their aviation knowledge and experience. Whether you are an eperienced pilot who wants to transition to an instructor role or just starting your career and looking to build your hours, this is a great opportunity! Our world class flight training academies boast excellent safety records and a brand new fleet. We currently have no opening for full time flight instructors in our college. Any available vacancy would be posted here on our site and all applicants will be given fair and unbiased consideration. Also folloe us on our social media handlers to be up to date.

Benefits include:

  • Competitive salary
  • Guaranteed flying hours
  • Health insurance
  • Career progression
  • Encouraging environment
  • Interactive management and staffs
  • Great work culture