Flight Navigation Procedures Trainer(FNPT)

The FNPT simulators are static or stationary simulators designed to introduce students to the advanced digital cockpits in the training aircraft before they commence flight operations. The systems are also used to help familiarize students with standard operating procedures, checklists and aircraft systems. The system comprises an aircraft pilot style seat in front of a fully functional cockpit with exact replicas of the standard training equipment. It also includes a control yoke and rubber pedals. The training scenario is presented to the student on two 10.4" LCD screens providing a 120-degree field of view to the student.


Typical FNPT features include:

  • Actual aircraft cockpit or synthetic fibre-glass cockpit. JAR approved flight data package.
  • Jeppeson Nav data
  • Full size flight controls including rudder pedals and toe brakes.
  • Conventional instrumentation and avionic totally integrated system.
  • Single electro-mechanical dynamic control loading yoke.
  • Single electro-mechanical dynamic control loading pedals.
  • Single and/or twin engine piston aircraft configuration.
  • Fully integrated enclosed instructor station.
  • Full size cockpit.
  • Virtual image generator 1-channel visual (optionally up to 5-channels)