The inspiration for establishing this monumental institution was solely derived from addressing the global shortage of pilots which also manifests conspicuoucly in Nigeria, as affecting major airlines and oil and gas companies.

Factors accountable for the global shortage pilots:

  • The global increase in demand for air travel and consequence increase in aircraft fleet.
  • Decline in Pilot Training Sponsorship
  • Ageing population of Airmen
  • With technological development, the oil and gas sector has become majorly dependant on Aviation

We are now broadening our curriculum to include aviation engineering, helicopter pilot training, airlinr recurrent training as well as airline dispatcher and air traffic controller initial and recurrent training

The syllabus is based on the Nigerian Civil Aviation Regulations Personnel Licenses Curriculum which compiles with and exceeds ICAO requirements. The (NCAA) will issue a CPL after successful completion of the course.

Advanced training and related aviation courses are offered to both prospective and experienced pilots. Our long term objective is to be a degree awarding institution