About Grande Esprits Academy

Grande Esprits (Great Minds) Academy is an educational institution established to operate the Nursery, Primary and Secondary learning stages of childhood. We are geared towards establishing a world-class learning institute in Nigeria vis-à-vis the following goals:

  • Create a safe, healthy and fun environment where children are comfortable to learn.
  • Promote the total development of the child through Parent-Teacher synergy.
  • Provide a comfortable atmosphere where children are encouraged to be independent and develop a sense of self.
  • Provide qualified and well trained Staff.
  • Encourage curiosity and creativity at all times and at every opportunity; at work or at play..
  • Create equal learning and growth opportunities for both children and Staff; regardless of gender, age, ability, ethnicity or belief.

Our Vision

To develop outstanding leaders who will build up through service to God and mankind.


Our Mission

To offer safe and healthy child care and through close personal attention, help channel the unique God-given gift(s) of each child towards achieving his/her full potential; by providing a quality and unlimited learning experience at all times


Our Core Values – SILC

We take the time to induct our new staff into Fennies procedures. Each member of staff is given a robust induction ensuring the highest stand of care and education is offered in all our nurseries.

  • Service – to God and mankind
  • Integrity – Confident, trustworthy and of sound morals/character
  • Learning – from others and through life’s lessons/experiences
  • Creativity – building for the benefit of all.