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The contract is canceled and both sides are excused from further performance and any money advanced is returned. No purchase may be made under this section until any previous purchase has been paid in full by the employee. Enclose needed punctuation within quotation marks unless the meaning would otherwise be impaired. Common Collocations with Make and Do.

The Tribe also agrees to shield or shade light bulbs in those rooms whose light is visible to the vallev floor. Nouns are words that indicate objects, things, places and people such as: computer, chair, beach, janitor, etc. No Liens, Encumbrances, or Conveyances.

Memoranda are very versatile documents that are also extremely common in the business office world, and no matter what career path you pursue, you will undoubtedly come into contact with your share of them over the next few years.

Temporary employees and employees paid on a daily rate basis shall not be compensated for holidays not worked, and any employee hired specifically to work on a holiday shall not receive holiday units for working on the holiday.

If an Infringement Claim Notice is given after the expiration of the Covenant Not To Sue Period applicable to the claims asserted by such notice, then such notice shall become effective upon receipt thereof.

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Sick leave shall not be used in lieu of or in additiop to vacation.

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These publications may use print, electronic or other media. Sale Fl Lien Process

The IUCN criteria, categories, thresholds and definitions will be first applied at a National Scale, recognising that there is no standard scale of ecological community definition, and that different scales are appropriate for different types of ecological communities.

Any and all assets held in the Fund shall be invested in harmony with the Social Principles of the United Methodist Agency as outlined in the Investment Policy Statement of the Foundation.

The capacity or indirectly from the memorandum package that it lawfully becomes a memorandum of giving notice that memorandums of the car.

Distinctiveness may be determined from evidence of those characteristics and may be the outcome of geographical, reproductive or other form of isolation from other populations of the same taxon.

While the plural memorandums of agreement between parties entering into this is by ascending seniority.

MOU and any part of the Schedule, the terms and conditions of the clauses prevail to the extent of the conflict or inconsistency.

The Tribe shall provide a Construction Assurance Device, as that term is used in the MOA, to guarantee construction of the Intersection Improvements in accordance with accepted plans for the intersection.

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Travel expenses and mileage allowances shall be granted to County employees in the manner provided by ordinance. Like all financial services providers, Brasil Plural, and its financial professionals have conflicts of interest. City upon completion of construction and acceptance by the City as part of the City water system.

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Offers any of a memorandum of agreement between landlord and provisions of the landlord was receiving the tenant? MOA Dispute Resolution process as to the submittal of the application for LEED certification only.

Subject to the terms and conditions of this Agreement, the Minister hereby designates the Eligible Learning Program described in the Application for Designation for the purpose of hosting International Students.

If the action memo was in response to an OSD tasking, ensure the electronic version is uploaded in CATMS. If the appointing power does not consider the evidence adequate, he shall disapprove the request for sick leave.

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In any proceeding brought pursuant to this Agreement and as to which sovereign immunity has been waived, Parties consent to service ofprocess made in accordance with the notice provisions ofthis Agreement or the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure.

Independently developed by an employee of the recipient Party who has no knowledge of the disclosure made under this MOU.

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