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All prices are in Euro and excl. Road caliper brakes have come a long way in the last few years. Incorrect or missing product information? Can we follow up with you about this issue? Prices are fair and they have a good selection.

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Ace and Ultegra group sets. Please check back soon or contact us for alternative choices. OE calipers can cost twice that or more. Click the help icon above to learn more. It is probably the biggest growth in technology in road bikes for years.

Thank you for rating this product. The individual delivery time of a specific product may vary. If this item has shipping restrictions, they are listed below. Previously he was editor of Bikemagic. On rim brakes more money will get you a lighter brake and a brake that flexes less under power.

How much does a new caliper cost? Shimano Ultegra R010 Direct-Mount Brake Caliper RB Cycles. Shopify analytics relating to checkout. What is a remanufactured brake caliper? Place a business card folded in half between the trailing edge of the brake pad and the rim.

European, Japanese and Korean cars, including EPB and coloured calipers, Remy produces one of the widest ranges of brake calipers in Europe.

Slim ergonomic lever design. Please leave a message and we will reply as soon as we are able. Direct Mount version for chain stay mount. And never get knocked out of alignment. We never share your email or personal information.

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Greater braking power modulation. Initialize the deployads array, for asynchronous use window. What causes intermittent brake failure? Be the first and leave your opinion! This information concerns the general delivery situation in relation to a specific delivery country.

Your request has been received. The Direct Mount design is perfect suitable for aero frames. Why does my brake pedal go to the floor? Click Notify Me to receive an email when the item becomes available.

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Originally they were popular on aero road bikes, as one of the claimed benefits of Direct Mount was better aerodynamics from the smaller packaging of the brake caliper which sits closer to the frame and fork.

Connect the pressure bleeder to the master cylinder reservoir.

The arm placement is now closer to the rim, which, when coupled with an equal pull on each side of the rim, drastically increases modulation.

To prevent some js error. This product is ineligible for additional discounts or rebates. Less flex equal more power and more feel. Looking for weekly deals and coupon codes? Now you can run your inner wires and get them clamped down to the caliper.

That first really special bike. Close the bleeder screw and top off the master cylinder. Fast service, consistently reliable and good selection. Drill a second tiny air hole in the lid. The box in which the replacement caliper came usually must be returned with the old caliper, as well. Price Matches may only be honored on identical items.

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Direct Mount Brake Calipers do just that, widening the window for modulation and increasing total stopping power.

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Shimano has offered before. If you know your pad number, that can help determine choices. You will receive a notification when it is ready to pick up. Your email address exceeds our limit. All components are joined together to work as one, reinforcing each other for unparalleled performance.

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