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The Board has adopted a policy which it uses to determine the independence of its Directors.

Vale and BHP also on Friday announced the establishment of a fund of undisclosed size to help restore the environment. Clause Customer Service

We are involved from time to time in legal proceedings and governmental investigations of a character normally incidental to our business, including claims and pending actions against us seeking damages or clarification of legal rights and regulatory inquiries regarding business practices.

However, as steel makers seek to reduce their carbon intensity of production, we anticipate that markets will evolve to place an even higher relative value on higher quality HCC that increase blast furnace productivity and reduce emissions intensity of steel production.

Nyiyaparli representatives played a leading role in determining and developing the content and themes for the signage by providing cultural knowledge and identifying appropriate themes and information on the signage.

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In addition, the Chief People Officer led meetings in Australia in July and Group Reward held meetings in the UK in May. We also developing economies and bhp billiton limited special packages, with an area that could impose liabilities over.

Samarco comprises a mine and three concentrators located in the state of Minas Gerais, and four pellet plants and a port located in Anchieta in the state of Espírito Santo.

BP modeling data suggesting again that more centralizers would be needed to prevent channeling.

Likewise, we strive to ensure that those with whom we work also put sustainability at the heart of their operations.

MAM cites the underlying problem that mining companies themselves are responsible for the studies that monitor the situation of the mines.

Sustainability is ingrained in every action we take across our business.

We are committed to complying with the laws and regulations of the jurisdictions in which we operate and aim to exceed legal and regulatory requirements where those are less stringent than our own.

During the past few months, I have met with many of our institutional shareholders along with members of our retail shareholder base.

NEIL how they will accomplish a level of oversight equivalent to what INPO provides.

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What is it doing exactly and how much sand is churning through there?

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One entity would be responsible for offshore safety and environmental enforcement; another would perform functions related to leasing and environmental science; and the third would manage natural resource revenues.

Mitigating potential bias Our employees have been trained to recognise and mitigate potential bias through more inclusive behaviour towards all employees.

All financial impacts following the Samarco dam failure have been reported as exceptional items in both reporting periods. South Flank iron ore project in Western Australia, following a thorough evaluation against our Capital Allocation Framework.

The financial responsibility for communities agree a fishing stock bhp billiton plc ordinary shares that would be provided. Office of Inspector General to submit an independent annual public report to the applicable congressional committees. Board, and making recommendations regarding whether the authorisation remains appropriate.

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